Hi there! 

I am so glad you stopped by! 

I am here to flush out the questions: what am I for, what is mine to do, and what is my purpose? I believe that going on this journey with you will make it all the richer and infinitely deeper. I also think that there is a bit of me in each of you and vise versa, so I think we will learn from each other along the way. I’m counting on it! 

I was in a Nonviolent Communications coaching program in 2020 with Miki Kashtan, and one of the participants used the phrase midwifery to voice in conversation. Time stood still for me. There it is. That is what I want to do. That is what I have been doing for so many years, in so many different ways and that is how I want to show up for others in this world. 

I am a mom that had the privilege of birthing my son. I also had the support of a doula before we even conceived. I know that midwifery is about so much more than the acts of laboring and birthing. I also know that birth is powerful, raw, and intense beyond belief. Midwifery to voice held for me the raw power behind birthing our voices and the support needed to do so. 

I want to use this space to explore the birth of my own voice and share with you what unfolds along the way.